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SONICA and First Landings play huge part in sponsoring and hosting B!g Idea Showcase

SONICA and First Landings are very proud to play a part in the sponsoring and hosting of the B!g Idea, a creative programme to think B!g.

The B!g Idea is an organisation that supports and encourages the next generation to think even B!gger. Their ambition is to equip the next generation with the creative mindset to tackle the biggest problems society faces. B!g Idea collaborates with schools and Transition Year (TY) students to create, experiment, invent, take risks, make mistakes, have fun, and change the world.

As part of the sponsorship, SONICA joined the B!g Idea mentoring team with Donnacha Neary,MD of SONICA and Andreas Heil, Head of design with SONICA offering real-world advice directly to the students, sharing their knowledge and connecting students with their communities and the creative sector. In addition to mentoring, SONICA’S First Landings also played host to the B!g Idea Event Showcase that took place in May 2021.

Donnacha Neary said: “There’s a misconception that technology is the limiting factor in human advancement.  That is not the limiting factor.  The limiting factor to social and scientific advancement is ideas.  Technology does not create ideas, people do. That’s why we got involved in The Big Idea initiative – to satisfy ourselves that the future is safe with the next generation of idea generators coming through the ranks!”

Andreas Heil said: ‘I was honoured to be included as a mentor in the Big Idea event. It was so well organized and it made the whole mentoring / judging process very easy. It was great fun to be involved, I would do it again!”


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