First Landings

Why choose First landings

for your event?


Bring your product or service to life in our impressive First Landings surroundings. With access to an auditorium with live and virtual facilities, our Landings team can incorporate hospitality and a true event experience for your guests or investors to enhance your business objectives.

seminars / meetings

The key to hosting an event or meeting is choosing a location where your participants want to go. First Landings has everything you require to host, record, entertain and communicate your key messages to your audience.


From high energy games and golf simulator to a zen and wellness area, First Landings has it all. We have the facilities to add so much more to your event plans and to motivate your team and support team building. Or you can use our breakout area as an opportunity to reset and refocus your guests between meeting sessions.

Seminars / Meetings
Special Assistance